Weekly Workshop

Weekly Workshop

Learn to Paint Your Own Decor & Gifts!

(Psst…..It’s easier than you think and I can teach you how!)

In my “Jeremiah Dreams’ Workshop” you will experience:

  • A safe place to try new art techniques
  • A close community who cheer for one another
  • The realization of how de-stressing and calming creativity will be!


Or $129 paid annually

Let me help you no longer feel intimidated, frozen and unable to START!

Does this sound familiar?

What if you could…

Know which supplies you need….

You receive a supply list to use as your shopping list.

Your questions are answered…

I help you tackle obstacles that can be frustrating.

The guess work on WHAT to paint is GONE…

I choose the subject and give you the resources for the project.


Or $129 paid annually

WITH “Jeremiah Dreams Workshop”

You WILL gain confidence in yourself and your creativity!


  • Project Resources to print and use
  • Access to the PRIVATE workshop group in Facebook
  • Access to “live” tutorials AND all of the replays, as long as your membership is current


Or $129 paid annually

Hi! I’m Teresa…

I attended an art institute and have a few hobby classes under my belt. But, most of my knowledge, techniques and ability have developed by JUST DOING IT!

I have had to be brave enough to make mistakes and figure out how to turn them into beautiful pieces.

My group is a safe place to:

~ Try new things

~ Ask questions

~ Have a partner to help with any barriers that stand in your way!

Here is what my students have to say:

“Teresa Crane is the best! I’ve enjoyed her teachings so much! I have learned so much about the styles and how to shadow in painting! I’m looking forward to spending more time learning my new craft in the future! Teresa is so gifted in painting and shares the information in a kind and gentle way!”

Ann Thornton

“The Paint and Create Group is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to paint. Teresa techniques bring paintings to life. She has a wonderfully gentle way of teaching.”

Teresa Isles

“Teresa Crane is a very talented and creative person who can take everyday items and turn them into works of art. Love her creations!”

Terri Bozeman


Or $129 paid annually

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the project resources?

The project resources are posted in the private FaceBook group for downloading and printing.

What if I am not able to watch you teach the current project when you go “live” in the group?

Not a problem! The tutorials are recorded and available for you in the private group to watch at your convenience!

Can I cancel if I decide it is not what I am looking for?

Absolutely! Cancel any time! But, once you cancel, you will no longer have access to the private group and recorded tutorials, effective immediately.

What if I can’t paint EXACTLY like you?

Listen, paintings are as unique as signatures. You are not expected to paint “just like me” and it is my desire to encourage you to find your own version of the paintings I teach.

Don’t let insecurity stand in your way! I partner with you to overcome, de-stress & have fun!


Or $129 paid annually

Cancel anytime. I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied in the first month, I will happily refund your payment, no questions asked.