About Me

Come Adventure with Jeremiah Dreams

Hi, I'm Teresa

the owner and founder of Jeremiah Dreams

Hey! I am Teresa, the Founder, Owner and Creator of Jeremiah Dreams. In 2014, my life took a very unexpected turn and I found myself standing on my own two feet for the first time in my life. My faith in Christ, my children and family, and my church were my rocks through these challenging times.

Through these events, I needed to earn more income, but time and energy at that stage in my life were obstacles. I decided to learn how to monetize my passions and hobbies. Many of my friends had been purchasing my art and ordering custom designs, so it seemed natural to narrow my niche and begin to direct my focus and energy into my art.

The search began for how to build a creative business. Through this journey of trial and error, I began to learn just how lonely many women are and their search for connection in our world. My audience began to grow and a community of women began to form who supports each other in prayer and encouragement. It has been interesting to watch these women from all over the country develop friendships and genuine concern for one another’s lives.

As much as creating art fills me with satisfaction, being a part of teaching women the things I love and building friendships with them is my greater desire. I would love nothing more than to count you as one of my friends, too. I invite you to be a part of our community and journey with us!